Arts advocacy isn’t just about speaking before Congress or requesting support from donors. It is also about artists cultivating their audiences by communicating on levels that transcend the page and the stage. Classical Jam aims to build relationships with audiences outside the concert hall through collaborations with fellow artists, presenters and concertgoers alike.

Classical Jam was founded on the belief that music bridges cultural and societal differences. Our mission focuses on the audience developing a deeper, more personal connection to music regardless of their preconceived notions or past concert experiences. We believe music is something everyone can enjoy.

Classical Jam’s success lies in its members’ entrepreneurial acumen and artistic integrity. Highly trained Teaching Artists from institutions including the New York Philharmonic and Lincoln Center Institute, Classical Jam musicians engage with audiences by relaying their personal knowledge of the music through anecdotes and demonstrations in an experiential, at times humorous manner. By doing this, audiences become active ‘participants’, rather than passive ‘listeners’. This concept of ‘audience investment’ becomes integral to the listeners’ discovery process. 

In recent years Classical Jam has expanded its ‘music for everyone by everyone’ philosophy in different ways. It has invited residency area musicians to participate in their concert performances, commissioning Payton MacDonald from Alarm Will Sound to compose a “Concerto For Quintet, Orchestra, and Audience”, consulting presenters about audience development through crafting tailor-made residency appearances, and performing a selection of traditional, improvisational, original, and world- influenced classical music. A Classical Jam concert series might consist of Egyptian, Chinese, American, Renaissance, and 21st century composers one evening and Austrian, Venezuelan, Romantic, Electric and student composers the next.

Five years ago, we were emboldened by the idea of artistically responding to those who think of the classical music genre as ‘dead.’ 

Our dream for the future is to not only continue performing, but to expand our vision as arts advocates, educators and outreach leaders. We’ve found that the most amazing concert experiences do not have to take place in concert halls - music can be made anywhere! 

The most beautiful art is created when we completely connect with our audiences, creating art for and with them regardless of who they are and what their concert experiences have been. Sharing our musical knowledge and enthusiasm with people empowers us as artists. What started five years ago as a conversation among musical friends has grown into an advocacy movement. And we look forward to many more adventures.

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