CJ Quintet (Flute, violin, viola, cello & percussion)
CJ Quintet (Flute, violin, piano, cello & percussion)
CJ Quartet (Flute, violin, Cello, Percussion) or CJ String Quartet 
CJ Trio (Violin, Cello, Percussion),  (Flute, violin, cello) or (Violin, Viola, cello)

Program 1: From the Street to the Concert Hall
Examines how composers throughout history have incorporated their unique heritages, rhythms of their cultures, and what was considered “popular” during their lifetime into concert music. Works by Mozart, Bartok, Piazzolla and Gershwin.

Program 2: Tango JAM
The program features selections from the traditional tango repertoire, and music of Astor Piazzolla including The Seasons, Opera Maria de Buenos Aires, Milonga del Angel, Adios Nonino and Libertango.  Classical Jam was recently presented by the Chamber Music Society of Detroit, and performed a SOLD-OUT tango concert at the Music Box at the Max M. Fisher Music Center, Detroit, Michigan

Program 3: Program: Musical Postcards from Global Village
Explores the shifting musical relationships between concert music's increasingly global sound- world. This program includes David Wallace's I will Arise--a combination of Arabic rhythms and old Appalachian hymn tunes, Ravel's Duo for Violin and 'Cello, a piece inspired by the introduction of Balinese Court music in Europe, as well as a suite of dances by Tielman Susato-- a musical postcard with a lively Renaissance stamp. Other pieces include Building Modern China--a set of film music shorts from rising star composer Huang Ruo, a Flamenco-inspired improvisatory work by Classical Jam member Jennifer Choi, as well as Piazzolla's Escualo and Oblivion -- two pieces that bear the unmistakable sounds of Argentine Tango.

Program 4: Bach RE-Inventions
CJ explores the long lasting influence of master composer J.S.Bach. Pieces include the Art of Fugue (with a jazz twist), Glen Gould's hilarous So you want to write a fugue, Villa-Lobos' Bachianas Brasileiras, Piazzolla's Fuga y Misterio, and many other contrapuntal musical offerings.

Program 6: CJ Goes To The Movies
Classical Music has long been the soundtrack of Hollywood, from the days of Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator, to modern Oscar-winning films such as The Artist.CJ explores the relationship between like sound and image in a concert featuring Gershwin, Brahms, Samuel Barber, Phillip Glass, Ginastera, and the showing of CJ's first youtube mini-movie competition winner.

Program 6: Sounds & Lore from the East
This program includes Asian, South-East Asian, and Middle Eastern-inspired music, exploring how the sounds and sights of the East have influenced contemporary American composers. Figuring prominently on the program is Randall Woolf’s Mekong Delta Blues. Commissioned by Classical Jam, Mr. Woolf's work combines the live ensemble with digitally-altered Vietnamese folk music. The works of two Classical Jam members further explore the region’s musical influences: Hong Kong Jam, by cellist Wendy Law, fuses Chinese musical elements into a classical chamber work, while Egyptian and Indian influences can be heard in percussionist Justin Hines’ two works, Samaii’ Shira and Riqq Concerto. (Flute, violin, viola, cello & percussion)

Program 7: 
"Concerto for Quintet, Orchestra and Audience"  by Payton MacDonald (Click here to see Clip)

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