College Seminars

Ensemble Possible, Big City Style

You’ve arrived in New York with the degree and the drive. So what does it take to be part of a professional chamber or larger ensemble like the New York Philharmonic, Broadway, the Metropolitan Opera or ICE? Classical Jam members share what they’ve learned (and performed) over the years.

So You Want To Win An Audition? 

Audition success takes more than practicing. It also requires focus and mental toughness. This session includes tips and tricks to best prepare for auditions ranging from summer festivals and orchestras to graduate schools and doctoral programs. Students are encouraged to do a live mock audition.

How Do I Book A Concert?

You’re hired for a concert! How do you negotiate your fee and establish a contract? How do you find the funding needed to bring your musical ideas into existence? How do you network? Design a press kit? Become a viable YouTube presence? Classical Jam presents The Do’s & Don’ts to Making a Musical Name for Yourself.

Connecting Creatively With Audiences

Strong connections are the key to finding new audiences and strengthening bonds with existing ones. Classical Jam examines how inventive programming, interactive activities and unusual collaborations can bridge the artist-audience gap by building relationships inside and outside the concert hall.

Classical Master Jam:

Classical Master Jam Improv Workshops are a cross between the traditional master class and the “jam session” approach wherein Classical Jam introduces students to the art of improvisation. Equal parts collaboration, instinct and risk, this workshop culminates in a world premiere with participants performing alongside members of Classical Jam.

Create Your Own Interactive Concert!

A seminar dedicated to the A,V, C’s of 21st century musicianship: Advocacy, Versatility & Creativity.

Classical Jam explores the specific skills and techniques employed when designing and presenting interactive performances. Based on the philosophy of aesthetic arts education, this seminar gives you, the soon-to-be artist/educator or Teaching Artist, the tools in working with audience members to forge meaningful (and ongoing) relationships with music. Classical Jam will achieve this goal through various discussions, creative hands-on activities, small group presentations and personal reflections.

Sessions may include: • Introduction to the Aesthetic Approach – what is it and how can it be taught? 

• What makes an Interactive Concert? 

• Live Interactive Concert(s) performed by the artist 

• How to program interactive concerts (Lecture, small-group presentations etc)

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